“I will make Thai food taste just like in the homes of Thai people”

That was Chef Nuch’s first thought after she arrived in America in 2016.

She grew up in the south of Thailand where they have very bold flavors for the food. Her grandmother had cooked traditional Thai southern food for living for over 50 years and she was very careful with her ingredients. I grew up helping my family in our food business ever since.

Chef Nuch turned her passion for food into a career and had her first Thai restaurant back in 2008 in province north of Thailand and at the same time, she always dream of coming to America and having a Thai restaurant and cooking authentic food for Americans and Thais here.

In 2016, Chef Nuch moved to Kansas and worked at somes of Thai restaurants qand also cooked authentic Thai food and dessert at home as ordered.

Now she is proud to present “Thai Chili Cuisine” an authentic traditional Thai restaurant that ready to serve you with quality food and services in Kansas ”

Chef Nuch